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What is Church about? 2: Fellowship
FELLOWSHIP Caring for One Another Church is about practising how to live in God’s Kingdom, caring for one another, listening to one another, supporting one another no matter what. This business of living together we call fellowship. The family of God includes people of many kinds. Respecting one another and loving one another as children of God, however different we may be, is central to our understanding of the Good News of Jesus. After all, he went to parties with people that no-one else would even talk to. Fellowship takes many forms, some of which borrow from what we do in Sunday worship. We pray together in small groups, and study the Bible together. Unlike Sunday services, we can ask questions in a small group; our doubts, struggles and concerns can be heard. Fellowship also includes social functions like quizzes, concerts, a book club and an art group where we get to know one another, and come to appreciate our different outlooks and skills.