Prayers for the world of work
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Industries and Occupations
Here we pray for the various sectors of industry and the public services. Almost inevitably there is some repetition; for the example, the Police Services figures in both law and order and emergency services. Further, in a number of instances I have tried to distinguish between primary producers and those who deliver produce to us. The field of food production and distribution is a prime example. Another is energy and utilities. You will note that in several of these prayers I have tried to confront the problem of what to pray for. This in itself was a significant challenge, which I commend to everyone who leads public intercession. I have come up with a provisional answer, though probably not the best. A common theme here is the need for each sector of industry, each business and each function within business to see itself as connected to the whole, rather than looking for a raison d’être within its own boundaries. Recalling the remarks in the Introduction, about dealing with sensitive areas, I must confess to failure at the first hurdle, because I haven’t hit upon a truly creative way to pray for the areas of activity that I personally find least comfortable. In some instances I have included a preamble, in italics, that sets the scene and motivation underlying the prayer.
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