Prayers for the world of work
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Industries and Occupations
More and more, people are making their contribution to the general good by providing services. Sometimes this is a face-to-face service, as when the care-assistant calls on an elderly housebound person. But also within this category falls the call-centre assistant, responding to telephone calls (possibly from around the world) about financial services, software helplines, and so on. The range is enormous. As with several of the other subdivisions in this collection, this range reflects the diversity of perspectives people will have on their work and how it affects to their own well-being as well as that of other people. How do fit together in one coherent framework the Under-Gardener in a Local Authority Parks Department, and the Investment Manager in a big financial institution, the Senior Ward Sister in a hospital and the Commissioning Editor of a new series of Guides to way-out tourist destinations. But that is the life of prayer. Daunting, yet compelling, for if we love God's people in all their variety and profusion we will want to pray for them intelligently and with carefulness.
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