Prayers for the world of work
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Industries and Occupations
Here we gather together those who "make stuff" - anything from a headache potion to an airport terminal. We are aware of great change in the distribution of these activities among the nations of the world. Increasingly the western world makes less and less, the far east more and more. In one sense this is part of the ebb and flow of history. We have no more right to freeze history and preserve a particular state of affairs than did, say, the Incas of five centuries ago, or even the Babylonians of even earlier in the world's history. Even the things they make may be passing fancies, destined to disappear into the historical archive. Whoever and wherever they may be, people who "make stuff" need, just like anyone else, to see where they fit into the big picture. They experience pressures, and are challenged by questions, whether they work in Sheffield or Shenzhen.
Introduction Industries and Occupations Roles and Functions Moods and Disipostions