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Industries and Occupations
Chaplaincy is a very special ministry to those who work in almost every aspect of the life of the country: the Armed Forces and Emergency Services, Hospitals and Hospices, Prisons, Schools, Colleges, Universities, the Public Services, Transport, Sport, Business, Industry and Commerce. In fact it would almost be correct to locate chaplaincy under Roles and Functions, rather than here. Sometimes chaplaincy is directed to those who work in a particular business sector or public service, sometimes to those who are clients or customers, sometimes to both. We pray, heavenly Father, for all who are engaged in the work of chaplaincy. Enable them to work in the sunlight and in the shadows, on the margins and at the heart of things. Grant them discernment when they meet with people who have great needs, but who feel defensive and uneasy when receiving help from a chaplain.  Be their strength and shield as they struggle with issues of their place and role in the organisations they try to serve. Set them free from the desire to achieve great things; enable them so to live as to be signs of your Kingdom. We pray for all Christians and people of faith in their work. May their relationship with you be their support and guide as they discover the right way to be good news for their colleagues. Grant them deep insight into the work that your Spirit is already doing in the places where they work and in the people whom they meet.
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