Prayers for the world of work
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Moods and Dispositions
We remember before you, Lord, people whose lives are dominated by the need to achieve goals and reach standards imposed on them by others. Enable them to resist the temptation to push their staff to the point where health and their family life are damaged. When their efforts are rewarded with success, may they be mindful of others to whom the same striving has brought only disappointment. When their plans and efforts to meet one set of targets are scrapped because fresh targets have been set, enable them to dig deep and discover the springs of energy to begin again. And when the targets are not met, when a cloud of frustration and disappointment hangs over every day in the workplace, bless them we pray with resilience and compassion. 
The target-chasers
Target-chasing is based on the assumption that target-setting is good management practice. John Seddon has challenged  that belief very effectively.
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