Prayers for the world of work
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Industries and Occupations
Primary Industry
Food Production and Distribution
Note: those who work in industry are striving always to reduce costs, to maintain demanding standards and to increase consumer choice. This is no less true for people in the food industry who often face lower and lower prices for their produce. We thank you, Father, for the rich variety of our food, from many parts of the world. We thank you for the enjoyment and pleasure we find in sharing food in celebration and fellowship. We pray for those who grow, prepare and distribute the food we eat. As they try to achieve the impossible, grant to them a sense of their part in the poise and balance of all life. May they be vigilant for our safety, and for the quality of what they produce. We remember especially those who take part in the global trade in foodstuffs, linking producers with consumers the world over. We hold before you those who buy, often in ignorance of the hardships facing those who produce. We hold before you those who produce, often receiving scant reward for their labour and their investment in land and equipment. We give you thanks for all who have sought to remind us of our complicity in world poverty, and who have shown us the steps we can take to act justly. Bless their work of peace-making through justice.
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