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Lord God, it is a great anxiety for us that we need armaments to defend ourselves. We mourn for our world in which the manufacturers of armaments need to sell to as large a market as possible regardless of the consequences for the poor of their client states. We mourn for a world in which arms sales so often fuel conflict rather than bringing peace. We mourn for our world that relies so heavily on the means of defence and attack, of surveillance and security. We pray for those who design and build these things. May they look always for other ways of using their skills, so that their need for continued employment is never used as an argument for continuing to make and sell weapons systems. As long as these things are needed, Lord God, touch all your people with your spirit of peace that their use may indeed come to an end. By the inspiration of your spirit guide us to better and more fruitful uses of your gifts to humanity.
Armaments, Surveillance and Defence Equipment
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