Prayers for the world of work
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Industries and Occupations
Government and the Public Sector
We pray for all involved in Government, National, Devolved and Local. In their service to the public may they be wise in balancing issues of secrecy and transparency. As they respond to sudden crises may they do so with far-sighted wisdom. As they govern for the good of all, grant them the humility to acknowledge perspectives other than those currently in favour, preferring sound thinking to fashionable opinions. In their deliberations grant them the grace to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly.
Emergency Services
We pray for those in the emergency services to whom has fallen the task of scouring wreckage for traces of the victims. They have seen what no eyes should need to see, when in their exhaustion their defences were down and their hearts vulnerable. We lift them to you, Lord. Keep them whole. Help them to live with the memories they cannot erase. Enable them to hand over to you any guilt at what they were unable to do.
We pray for those who have wrestled with complex technical decisions about safety, trying to balance one factor against another, to anticipate the thousand possible ways in which disaster could strike. Where judgements were made in good faith that now, in the light of events, seem more questionable, speak peace to hearts beset with guilt.
We remember those whose task it has been to care for the injured, to tend wounds and reconstruct bodies. We acknowledge with gratitude the way in which they have not spared themselves in order that others might live, and live better.
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