Prayers for the world of work
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A note from the author of these prayers. The Prayers for the World of Work project began as a result of conversations with another Methodist NSM who then worked full time in a large IT services company. She is now a Circuit Minister in Derbyshire. Those conversations crystallised a concern about the highly selective way the church sees the world of work, especially in our public worship. This project is ongoing. You will see from the introductory remarks that I have set some challenges that I have singularly failed to answer satisfactorily. It has been salutary to reflect on the project as I left it so long ago. In so many respects it is dated and limited. It could be made more general -- of course it could -- but would that be at thse cost of its present focus on the world of work? There aspects of the structure which should very probably be revised,simply because the world has changed so much, Cyber security has rocketed up the military and business agenda. It seems likely that we shall see wholsesale changes in the employment marketplace, with a far more limited rangne of options for the citizen. For earlier generations, physical assets were what were used to ‘make money’; now, and increasingly, money itself has been the commodity with which more money is made, Concern has been expressed that such trends have led to a concentration of wealth which is threatenening the structure of civil society. It is not my purpose here to launch any kind of political campaign, but rather to point out that if we are to pray for the workd of work we need to be clear and realistic in our assumptions about that world. I would love to see this stock of prayers increased in scope and variety. From time to time I shall add to it myself, but would welcome any contributions—either a particular prayer or else some thoughts on possibly extending the overall structure. If you have any suggestions, please email me at: John Ogden 
We pray for all involved in Government, National, Devolved and Local. In their service to the public may they be wise in balancing issues of secrecy and transparency. As they respond to sudden crises may they do so with far-sighted wisdom. As they govern for the good of all, grant them the humility to acknowledge perspectives other than those currently in favour, preferring sound thinking to fashionable opinions. In their deliberations grant them the grace to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly.