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The Lectionary Notes Project
This page provides access to some downloadable files of potential use to preachers. The aim of this ongoing project has been twofold: (a) to offer to preachers (and any others interested in developing their bible reading discipline) a collection of notes on the lectionary, in machine-readable form. (b) to encourage users to record their own reflections on their bible reading. At the moment the project comprises four self-extracting zip files. The first three of these, will generate a folder for one year of the cycle. Each folder contains a number of Word files, one for each Sunday of the year. The fourth zip file, will generate another folder containing one Word file for each book of the Bible. Each ‘book’ file will be structured in a very simple way with chapter headings, so that users can develop their own bible notes in these files. Additionally, however, there will be ‘hyperlinks’ from the ‘book’ files to the files of lectionary notes, following the existing published indexes. In this way users will be able to record their reflections on their own bible study and link those notes into the lectionary notes. Users may wish to create a duplicate set of the these folders, leave one set untouched as the ‘basic notes’ and keep the other for their own notes that are directly on the lectionary readings. Year A      Year B     Year C     Bible. Download these files to a folder called Basic Notes. Double click on each one to run it, and it should generate the appropriate sub-folder containing Word files (Office 2003 .doc format). Please look at these files and let me know how you think this project should proceed (if at all). a) Please draw to my attention any glaring errors, omissions, or lack of clarity in the way files are named. b) should I produce a set of Users Files including a copy of the existing notes and with links to the corresponding Basic Notes? c) any other comments Get back to me, John Ogden,  here.