Caversham Heights How we celebrated Easter 2009 Two general views of the church before morning service on Easter Sunday During Lent we followed Jesus' journey to Jerusalem, and placed on the Cross items associated with significant events, A pair of sandals – footwear for the journey A cup – for the journey would plumb the depths of anguish A white walking-stick – for a blind man whose sight was restored A ‘No Entry’ sign – for a village that refused to welcome Jesus and his friends A baking tray – for Martha’s incessant activity A halter – to lead a donkey The two pictures to the right show the Lenten Cross before Easter morning service began. The cross is draped in misty white. The lower image shows the six items placed at the foot of the Cross. We can still see them, because our journey in Jesus' footsteps is not over. This image shows the Cross at the end of the service - decorated with flowers of many colours. What had been a stark symbol of Imperial brutality is now a thing of beauty. The glory of the new resurrection life is given as hope for the world. But much depends on how we add the colours. Here are some thoughts. The colour of justice and peace The colour of friendship and welcome The colour of care for the environment