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The Retired Minister's Blog: Musings from the Retired Minister's Chair. This ‘blog’ has a number of aims. To give me an opportunity to set out my thinking on a number of issues, theological, biblical, in a form which might not be appropriate for a sermon. In a sermon it is wrong to leave loose ends. To encourage Christians in the understanding of theology as a shared activity in which everyone can take part, including you. Doctrinal truth has developed over many generations. Tradition is not fixed, but always evolving. I invite anyone to contact me by email to rmb@cavhmc.org.uk, either to comment on a post, or to offer a post of their own. I May have to exercise some level of control, possibly in conversation with the other members of the ministry team, but the final text will be published after email conversation with the originator. Feel free to criticize me for being unorthodox or even heretical. Feel free to instigate a disciplinary process if you feel really strongly! But above all, think. Does this point of view help me understand God, Faith, Ethics, Prayer, Life, The Universe, Everything? The blog will take the form of an adjunct to the Caversham Methodist Website, with a clearly different page design so as to emphasize its informal, unofficial character. There will be a link to the blog from the website, but the two will be noticeably different.Initially it will be a single sequence of web pages with blog posts in date-order. But the most recent will always appear first, and when there is another 'most recent' the previous post will move down to the bottom. After a while, individual posts will be archived as PDF files with links. There is a simple navigation bar.
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