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News from the Churches Current News Notes for Caversham Heights and Gosbrook Road. We are now part of a project called Partnership for Missional Church. To find out more, follow this link. Have a look at the new Photo Album, showing a selection of photos of recent events. At the moment we have pictures only for Caversham Heights events. The Newsletter for October and November is available here. Here is a page that sets out the vision of Christian Discipleship as service to others. Services for the coming Sunday Sunday 30 October 2016 Caversham Heights Gosbrook Road Church Anniversary 10.30 Revd David Jenkins Deacon Becky Lovatt CA Bible Readings Here are notes on the Bible Readings set for Sunday 30 October. They will not necessarily be the readings chosen by the preacher. These notes may, however, serve to stimulate and perhaps guide your own reflection on the readings of the day. Coming soon On 29 October we are holding a Silent Auction to raise funds for the beleaguered people of Haiti. Here is a flyer giving more details. N.B. this and the Autumn Fair Flyer are produced as front and back of a single document -- if necessary. On 30 October we are invited to Gosbrook Road for a shared lunch to celebrate their Church Anniversary and to welcome their guest preacher Deacon Becky Lovatt. Later that afternoon we shall hold our customary All Souls Service at 3.00 pm. On Saturday 12 November we hold our annual Autumn Fair. This time the chosen charity is Headway Thames Valley. Here is a flyer giving more details. N.B. this and the Silent Auction Flyer are produced as front and back of a single document -- if necessary. An on Sunday 13 November we shall be collecting filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The Basingstoke and Reading Circuit new focus ... new outlook ... new vision The new Circuit Website can be found here. Lots of news, lots of forthcoming events, including a link to the complete preaching plan for September to November 2016, and the latest Update from the Circuit. The Methodist Church nationally At the Methodist Conference of July 2016 a resolution was passed urging all the Methodist people to wear an empty safety pin as a mark of our solidarity  against racism. For more information see this link. For images of people actually wearing such a pin, see here. What’s going on in the Methodist Church? Find out here: Methodist e-news. The Methodist Church’s pattern for our discipleship: Our Calling. Well worth studying. Issues in Focus Separated families Please continue to pray about this, and read more here about Separated Families. Musings - food for thought This is a collection of short essays on biblical and theological topics -- among others. Here is a link to Musings. Find it It’s also in the drop-down menu under Both. The most recent essays include What happens when we Pray? , What do we mean by Salvation? and Forgiveness. Tickle your brains! There may be a different way of looking at things.
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Welcome to the Website of the Methodist Churches in Caversham. We are part of the Basingstoke and Reading Circuit of the Methodist Church, which is itself one of the Circuits in the Southampton District.
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